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DT Teacher

Our Art Subject Leader
is Mrs Evans

Art in Key Stage 1

In art I will use lots of different materials to design my own work. Through drawing, painting and sculpture I will be able to share my ideas and use my imagination. I’m going to learn about lots of famous artists and their work will help me to make art work of my own. I will learn all about colour, pattern, texture and shape and develop my practical skills.

Art in Key Stage 2

In art I am going to improve and develop my techniques, becoming more skilful in using a range of different materials. My sketch book will be used to record my work, helping me to review and revisit my ideas. I’m going to have the opportunity to use a wide range of media including drawing, painting, printing, textiles, ceramics and CAD. Great artists and designers from different cultures and periods of history will be studied and will help inspire my own creativity.

Intent, Implementation & Impact Statement

Below is a link to our Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement for Art. This document outlines, for Art at Great Finborough Church Primary School, our aims and vision (Intent), our approach to planning, delivery, assessment and enrichment (Implementation) and what we want our children to have achieved and experienced by the time they leave us in Year 6 (Impact).

 Intent, Implementation & Impact Statement (Art)

Breadth of Study Map

Below is a link to our breadth of study map for Art.

The breadth of study map ensures that every child receives their full curriculum entitlement as they progress through the school.

We plan and deliver our curriculum on a one year cycle.

 Breadth of Study Map  (Art)

Key Skills Progression Plan

As part of our ongoing curriculum development work, our subject leaders are preparing detailed skills development documents for every subject. This term (Autumn 2021), as part of our school development work, the subject leaders are developing and trialling these skills progression documents for the subjects and topics being delivered this term. These will be published soon.

Our curriculum begins in the Early Years Foundation Stage. As part of the process of developing the skills progression documents, we have met as a staff team and carefully considered the prerequisite skills required for our EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) children to be ready to access the National Curriculum at the beginning of Year 1. These prerequisite skills can be found by clicking on the link below.

Learning Links in the EYFS (Art)


Curriculum Milestones and Assessments

Below are the links to our Art Milestones for Key-Stage 1, Lower Key-Stage 2 and Upper Key-Stage 2. These documents outline what we expect our children to achieve in Art at the end of each of the 3 key time periods.

Each area of the Curriculum Milestones links to the Art curriculum which develops the ‘Painting’, ‘Collage’, ‘3D’, ‘Printing’ and ‘Textiles’ of the children.

These areas of the curriculum repeat, adding to the skills and knowledge of the children, every year as the children progress through the curriculum.

Children achieve at a ‘Basic Level’, the Expected Level’, or a ‘Deep Level’. Curriculum Milestones are used as our assessment and tracking tool in Art.

 Art Milestone 1 Years 1 & 2
 Art Milestone 2 Years 3 & 4
 Art Milestone 3 Years 5 & 6

Curriculum in Action

Purple and Silver Class – Artworks – October 2021

The children in years 4, 5 and 6 each chose an artist whose work was on display at the Artworks Exhibition and researched the work they produced including the media used.  They then visited the exhibition where they had the opportunity to speak to artists as well as viewing their work. Each child then produced their own artwork inspired by the artist they had chosen.

Red, Blue, Purple and Silver Artist Visit – Spring 2022

Local artist Alfie Carpenter, who specialises in collage work, visited us to talk about how he produces his work and to work with the children. He spent half a day with each class helping the children to create their own masterpieces.