Tribute to Alfie Carpenter


Alfie Carpenter was a young local artist who came in to work with the children on several occasions. He added a unique and joyful perspective to the art work that he showed the children how to do. They loved working with him and produced some phenomenal work. He very sadly died last year. We have framed up the wonderful pieces that he completed whilst working with the children and these will be displayed in school.

The children reflected on their time with Alfie.

‘ I love Alfie’s work. It was very inspiring and I like how he recycled things and made them artwork. He will be missed very much.’    Roisin

‘His work was fantastic. He was so supportive and helped me a lot.’   Eden

‘ He was a very laid back man. His work was very inspiring. He was very funny and helped me a lot.’   Casper

‘ I loved his pieces and he was such a kind and helpful man so I will always remember him.’  Isaac H