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RE (Religious Education)


Teacher Reading

Our RE Subject Leader

RE Key Stage 1

Religious Education is learning about different faiths and finding out what drives people of faith to live the way they do. This helps me to understand the nature of religion and the beliefs in the world in which I live. In RE I am given the opportunity to explore my own beliefs, and put them into practice in my own life.


RE Key Stage 2

Religious Education is learning about different religious faiths and the impact that these have on the lives of believers, their communities and the wider world. In RE I am given the opportunity to explore my own beliefs. Through challenging questions about life and morality, I am able to reflect, develop spiritually and foster positive attitudes and values. I am able to investigate different religions to build an understanding, and respect of, diverse cultures and beliefs.

Intent, Implementation & Impact Statement

Below is a link to our Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement for Religious Education (RE). This document outlines, for Religious Education (RE) at Great Finborough Church Primary School, our aims and vision (Intent), our approach to planning, delivery, assessment and enrichment (Implementation) and what we want our children to have achieved and experienced by the time they leave us in Year 6 (Impact).

 Intent, Implementation & Impact Statement (Religious Education)

Curriculum Map

Below is a link to our Curriculum Map for Religious Education (RE).

The curriculum map ensures that every child receives their full curriculum entitlement as they progress through the school.

We plan and deliver our curriculum on a two year cycle of learning (Cycle A & Cycle B).

 Curriculum Map (Religious Education)

Key Skills Progression Plan

Our curriculum begins in the Early Years Foundation Stage. As part of the process of developing the skills progression documents, we have met as a staff team and carefully considered the prerequisite skills required for our EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) children to be ready to access the National Curriculum at the beginning of Year 1. These prerequisite skills can be found by clicking on the link below.

RE Learning Links in  the EYFS

Below is a link to our Skills Progression Plan document for Religious Education.

At Great Finborough Church primary School, we place great emphasis on progressing the skills of our children in all areas of the curriculum, their learning and in life as they grow up and flourish.

Key skills and subject knowledge is built on lesson by lesson, week by week and year on year. Some key skills are specific to a given subject but many skills are also transferable.

By learning, developing, improving and mastering key-skills in a subject, we believe our children will be able to apply those skills to any topic and subject matter and transfer those skills to many aspects of their life in and out of school.

 Key Skills Progression Plan (Religious Education)