Gainsborough’s House


In Summer term 2023 children from years 1-6 visited Gainsborough’s House to support their Art curriculum.

Thomas Gainsborough was an English portrait and landscape painter, draughtsman, and printmaker who was born and, for many years, lived in the Suffolk market town of Sudbury. He became a favourite painter of King George III and his family and his work has become of importance both nationally and internationally.

Gainsborough’s House is the home of Thomas Gainsborough and has many of his art works on display along with exhibitions of contemporary work.

This was an introduction to visiting an art gallery, an opportunity to explore the work of a well-known artist of national importance and the opportunity to participate in a workshop led by a member of the Gainsborough’s House team.

Years 1 & 2 learnt how to talk about and unpack different types of art, capture their own responses and have a go at creating work they have seen. They also were able to see where Gainsborough lived and worked and took part in an artist-led workshop based on the paintings they had seen.