DT Week 2023


In Spring Term 2023 we held a DT week where children completed a range of projects.

Our yourgest children has a focus of food. They designed their own fruit desserts, made a shopping list for Mrs Cotton and then did all the preparation necessary to prepare their desserts. They chose a range of different things, including cheesecake, smoothies, trifles, banana splits, watermelon pizzas and lollies, so a range of techniques could be involved including: design, planning, cutting safely, crushing biscuits, whipping cream, using a blender. The finished results looked delicious!

The Lower Key Stage 2 children were doing textile work, designing, planning, making and evaluating bags. This allowed them to practice a trange of skills, including design, cutting, and stitching.

The focus for Upper Key Stage 2 was electricity. The children had great fun designing, building and evaluating a buzzer game.