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MFL (Modern Foreign Languages)


Our MFL Subject Leader
is Mrs Hartley


MFL Key Stage 2

In my Modern Foreign Language lessons I will be learning French.

Through learning basic French vocabulary and grammar I will develop the initial skills, knowledge and understanding to speak, listen, read and write in French.

I will learn how to listen to and engage in basic conversations to communicate with others through asking and responding to questions and statements.

The development of my skills and vocabulary will enable me to read simple well known texts like poems, songs, rhymes and simple stories.

I will be able to write captions, labels and build sentences using the key features and patterns of the language.

Studying French as a Modern Foreign Language, will enable me to develop my knowledge of the country, including key aspects of culture, festivals and traditions. Through my learning I will be able to compare and contrast similarities and differences between family life in France and my own life in the United Kingdom.

This will give me the foundational skills to embrace further learning as I progress on my journey and development for the love of learning and applying my skills to the use of foreign languages.

This will give me the foundations to apply my knowledge, skills and understanding to embrace further learning as I progress on my journey in developing my love and passion for foreign languages.