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Forest Schools






Our Forest School Leader
is Mrs Hyett


We run a Forest Schools programme for children in Years 1-6 run by our Forest Schools Leader.  Reception children have a weekly ‘welly walk’ throughout the year as an introduction to the Forest Schools programme.

Forest School provides holistic (whole child) learning opportunities which are focused on children’s interests in a woodland environment.

These outdoor learning opportunities help children to:

- Improve confidence, resilience and creativity –

- Improve physical wellbeing and motor development –

- Improve empathy, social skills and build a sense of community –

- Give an insight into the natural world and help children build connection with it –

- Take risks in a supported way –


Learning opportunities are learner led, giving them opportunities to pursue their interests and develop a range of practical skills e.g. using tools for crafts.

Sessions are based on long-term observation & guidance from leaders

Children are encouraged to develop a sense of personal responsibility for their choices, actions and for the world around them.

As it takes place in all but the most extreme weather, children develop resilience and stamina!